Become a Member

Simply by purchasing a lifetime membership at any of our Kindersley & District Co-op locations, you can become part owner of a continually growing and thriving community-minded business.

With seven retail locations in Kindersley, Eatonia and Hoosier, and five cardlock locations in Kindersley, Coleville, Eatonia, Marengo and Hoosier, the Kindersley & District Co-op offers a complete range of products and services to its urban and rural members.  By becoming a member of the Co-op, they all belong to you.  That means when you support them, you will benefit from them.

Membership Cost: $5.00

Where to Purchase a Kindersley & District Co-op Membership:

  • Administration Office - 214 Main Street, Kindersley
  • Pharmacy - 214 Main Street, Kindersley
  • Grocery Store - 110 2nd Avenue East, Kindersley
  • Home Centre - 100 12th Avenue West, Kindersley
  • Eatonia Grocery Store - 212 Main Street, Eatonia
  • Eatonia Farm Supply - 217 Railway Avenue, Eatonia
  • Hoosier Store - Main Street, Hoosier

To find out the hours of each location, please visit the Find a Location page.